Spyware is an application that monitors the activity of a computer of a user, without their consent. This software could cause privacy issues, such as data theft, identity fraud and online stalking. It can also slow down the performance of your computer. Some spyware programs are used legally by parents to monitor their children and spouses online to avoid safety concerns.

The primary purpose of spyware is to collect personal information without the user’s knowledge. These private details may include browsing history, email addresses and passwords, or credit card information. This information is sold to hackers, criminals and third party companies to assist in identity fraud.

Apart from stealing information, spyware can redirect internet searches and display unlimited pop-up advertising on desktops and laptops. It can also alter computer configurations and reduce computer performance by consuming CPU power, memory, and hard disk space. This can cause problems ranging between application freezing and connectivity issues.

Anti spyware can protect a PC from malware by checking the system for harmful programs and eliminating them. It can also aid in preventing the spread of spyware by blocking websites hosting such programs. Additionally, it is recommended that users download apps only from trusted sources and avoid opening attachments in emails. It is vital to install pop-up blocking software across all browsers to keep spyware from tracking user’s activities and sending this information to advertisers.


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